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The Silas Appreciation & Adoration Community
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This is a community for fans of Silas, the albino monk from the book and/or movie The Da Vinci Code. All contributions regarding this fictional character are welcome - observations and essays about the character of Silas, fanfiction (slash, het or gen), poetry, fanart, icons, wallpapers, rants, dreams, general squeeing, talking about albinism and its portrayal in the media in relation to Silas - anything! As long as it's related to Silas. This isn't the place for just general, non-Silas-related Da Vinci Code posts, or general posts about actor Paul Bettany who plays Silas in the movie (though discussion of Paul-as-Silas is most welcome) - there are already communities available for those subjects. We're pretty open here, but we do ask that you follow a few rules:

1) No trolling, spamming or flaming - if you have a disagreement with a fellow member please deal with it outside this comm. If you have a suggestion about improving this community, please email Angelica (mypaleangel) on albino_angels AT hotmail DOT com. Any advertising posts not related to Silas will be deleted and the poster warned. Anybody harassing or attacking this comm or its members will be banned without warning. Civilized debate on discussion posts is welcome - nasty ad hominem attacks and name-calling are not and will result in a ban faster than you can say "castigo corpus meum". If you don't like a particular genre of fiction, art or whatever, don't click the link!

2) ALL posts must be related to Silas of the Da Vinci Code in some way. Off-topic posts will be deleted and the poster warned.

3) All ratings of material are accepted here - G through NC-17. However we request that large images, long writings and anything above a G rating be put behind an LJ-cut, and that anything potentially controversial be warned for. If you have any concerns that your post will be very controversial, we advise friends-locking it to the comm.

4) Have fun!

DISCLAIMER: silas_adore acknowledges that Silas, The Da Vinci Code, and all characters etc. connected with the book and film The Da Vinci Code are the property of author Dan Brown, his publishing companies, and the film companies in ownership of the movie rights. No profit is being made from this community and no copyright infringement is intended - this is solely a fan community.

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