Grania (sassysailorgirl) wrote in silas_adore,

Hello, everyone!

Just popping in to say hello & introduce myself! 'Tis a pity that this comm hasn't seen any action in the recent past. I've only just rediscovered the joys of the Cult of Silas & hope to wake this place up with a bit of Silas/Bishop Aringarosa slash in the near-future. *sigh* Thank you, Paul Bettany & Alfred Molina for that. ;p I love them both. 

Anyway, if anyone's alive out there, let's bring back the Silas love!

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I'm commenting to let you know that there is at least one other person still alive in this community. :) Hi!
*waves cheerily* Hi! Good to know I wasn't just "speaking" to empty air! ;p I've been quite remiss in my Silas adoration these last few years, compliments of the Torchwood fandom, but then a rewatch of the Da Vinci Code & a re-listen to the audio book had me running back here! I'd forgotten how much I love our favourite troubled monk. Time to come play again!
Nope~ I lurk in all my communities.
Now that I think about it, they're all very slow/almost dead. Eesh.

I saw the movie first, and went back to read the book because I was hoping for more back-story on Silas. Then I read a bunch of fanfiction on airplanes while seated next to children (not awkward at all!) before another fandom caught my eye and pulled me away. ^^;