the_witchlings (the_witchlings) wrote in silas_adore,

Test Run

Um, well, since we really suck at LJ cuts, we're testing it out before we post any fics.

If we're doing something wrong, or you have any tips to make this LJ cut stuff any easier, it would be really appreciated!

Um, well, I don't really know what to do now, or how this works.
Okay, by now it's clear that I'm so clueless it's pathetic, so just stop reading. 

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unofficial lj-cut protocol:

put all identifying information before the cut, i.e. story title, authors, fandom, characters, and definitely put information about pairings, ratings, kinks/squicks/whatever before a cut, if it's applicable to the story. No one wants to click on a link and get blindsided by something they don't really want to see.

that being said, you could've tested out the LJ-cut in your own journal instead of posting to the comm, since this post technically has nothing to do with Silas and is therefore off-topic. According to comm rules: ALL posts must be related to Silas of the Da Vinci Code in some way. Off-topic posts will be deleted and the poster warned.

But I'm not a mod, so whatever.