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Hello All!

Hey everyone!

We've been hanging around this community for a while and we finally wo-manned up and joined! To introduce ourselves, I'm Kit.

I'm Violet.

We have an account on, under our The-Cursed-Daughter account, and we came here......

Well, just because.

We're totally new to this, and would really appreciate it if you guys would gives us some tips before we accidentally crash the site or something. For example, you know how all you experts link your journal entries to your posts? Feh, we have no idea how to pull that off.


Anyway, we just finished reading the Da Vinci Code a few weeks ago, and we fell in love with Silas when we saw the movie. We also saw Angels and Demons-

And Kit is currently in a battle of wits with our school secretary for the title of "I Read It First, In Your Face".

Thanks Vi. Just a little about us: we're first generation Russian immigrants--our parents moved here from the former Soviet Union (Ukraine). We're fluent, but write in English. Vi and I are really close.....we thought we were related for a long time, and we live next door to each other.

As far as writing, Kit is our writer-er, and I edit and test-read.

Well, that's all!

Kit & Violet

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